Cutting The Gap?

Welcome to my first blog. Thank you for being here.

So let’s start with a little introduction from me. (Which is one of those things that makes me cringe…but here goes!)

Diversity in my life is key, living in a vibrant world is absolutely where I thrive. I do like to wear a few hats too.  I like to search out interesting places and people, art and music, I like to find beauty everywhere, in everyone.  And I do not believe there is a single version of that either.  It’s something else entirely, like an inner spark, that lights up someones eyes.  

So, moving on to what I do. In the main, I run about helping my time stretched clients here in Bristol, tame the manes, get to grips with their style and use all of my creative juice to help them feel great.  And bring the Sparkle, y’know?  I am very lucky to have a great client base, no day is the same, ever!  And continuing that same thread, I continue to provide my skill at an hourly rate, rather that a gender based price list.  A pricing strategy to make sure that fair play is key.  This is my way of acknowledging what I call the ‘cutting the gap’, in a small way.

Being freelance means that I have the opportunity to try lots of new techniques and use my findings to help bring out that character, the individual.  So that means full access to my bag of tricks, regardless of who is sat in the chair, Hair for Humans maybe? I am inspired by the current movement of making sure we all treat each other with kindness and equality.  Everyone should be getting a fair price.  It should no longer a case of gender based services.  It feels important to address this, it makes better sense to look at it in another way, build up the service to suit the character.  The interesting stuff happens when we flex and use all of the different techniques we have learnt. This then can help open up clear communication with my clients and makes for a more enlightening process. De-mistifying the language of hair perhaps?

Communicating with people and helping them tell their stories through their style and unique character is my ultimate mission.  Doing this softly and with care for them, me and the world we live in is the goal.  And having fun working this all out is the key.  People open up, share their thoughts, let off steam and celebrate their achievements, their special moments.  Sometimes their worries and tragedies too.  It is an extremely privileged insight, for which I am very grateful.

I also collaborate with other creative pro’s, so that can mean session styling, photoshoots for fashion brands, music videos and TV/Film.  This is a kinda mystical world too.  It’s completely astounding and magical, a land of continual learning.  The thought, attention and planning that goes into so much of the media that we scan by each day still blows my tiny mind.   Hopefully my work helps communicate projects with heart too.  It’s all about team work, which is so important to me too. So I would like to share my journey with you, this is how I got here.

It’s the best feeling when I get positive responses from the projects or people I work with.  Knowing that someone has a spring in their step. Making everyday a little easier, because I can pass on what I know to help them feel confident in their own skin, cutting away at the idea that we should all look a certain way.  

Services I provide….

Fair Priced, Fair Trade haircuts, colour and open consultation

Hair and Makeup design, for HE TV and Film

Mini-tutorials for everyday awesomeness

Hair and Makeup for very special events and projects

Quality, environmentally kind products 

Personal Styling